In the prevailing economic climate, it is not cheap to run a car. The price of fuel is constantly rising, and insurance premiums are going up: this has led to more and more people cutting their car servicing. They don’t think that missing a car service or too is such a big deal but, they are sadly mistaken. Car servicing is a crucial part of owning and running a car, and it would be foolish to skip any of your services. In fact, neglecting to take your car for its annual service could cost you more money in the long run as any problems will not be spotted and could worsen, leaving you with a substantially larger bill than the cost of car servicing (as proven by¬†


In fact, not having your car serviced each year could potentially be dangerous, as well as, much more expensive. Research has shown that the number of cars who are turning up with major faults at MOT has risen dramatically in the last few years and the main reason for this is that fewer people are having their cars serviced annually, in a bid to save money. This means that they have been driving round in potentially very dangerous cars and have increased the likelihood of being involved in a car accident considerably. It is not worth doing without car servicing to save a few pounds when you think of the impact a faulty car could potentially have on you and your family, not to mention other road users. Thousands of accidents result to vehicle neglect. With a properly maintained car, you can check if your brake is working properly if your tires can still run on the road for miles, and ensure that your car’s engine is still in good condition. Aside from the prevention of road accidents, you can also reduce pollution with proper vehicle maintenance. A properly maintained car will limit the number of dangerous fumes and automobile fluids that are released into the atmosphere and local water tables.

Save Money

There is evidence that if you take your vehicle for car servicing each and every year, which you will significantly reduce the cost of owning and running a car as problems are found before they become much worse and need bigger repairs. So, if you really are worried about saving money on the cost of running your car, the best thing you can do is actually to book yourself in for car servicing each year. The professionals will be able to quickly spot any faults and replace faulty components before they pose a bigger problem for you and your vehicle. If you maintain your car, you won’t need too many repairs. You won’t be heading to a car service center now and then. It will also be easier to sell your vehicle for a higher price if it is regularly maintained. If you decide to sell your used vehicle, you are going to get a much better price since its performance and condition are still in excellent shape.

Prioritizing regular servicing of your vehicle is a very smart thing to do. You might need to spend a couple of dollars for its maintenance and servicing, but it will help you save more money in the future. This is because you don’t have to bring your vehicle for expensive repairs, and you won’t need to change your unit constantly.