In old times, humans used to spend lots of their time in checking their land and animal. They had spent one-third of their life in cattle rearing and keeping an eye on their farms. But in the 21st century, science has given lots of gifts to humanity which has made human life so easy and comfortable. Science provides us lots and lots of gadgets which have made life so easy and due to these devices we can spend our life with our family and friend. Without worrying about the fact that someone has acquired our land or doing something illegal things on our property, we can live our life with confidence. This is all because of science –

DJI Phantom drone also happens with a mobile tool holder for phone or tablet, which helps in controlling the unit. As expected, this latest model flies fabulously, hovers perfectly, and delivers some spectacular 4K UHD footage.

As Population is increasing day by day, crime rate and criminal are also increasing. So at this time, we do not know whether we are surrounded by good people or not and sometimes we are not able to check whether our family is safe or not. At this time, we need something which can help us to check our surrounding without visiting that place. DJI Phantom Quadcopter provides us a unique solution, and we can call them Microdrones or helicopter drone.

What is this QUADCOPTER?

Microdrones or QUADCOPTER is a technology which helps us to view our property without moving to that place. We can view from anywhere by using a small remote, and it provides us lots of benefits like Aerial Photography.

What are the benefits of micro drones or helicopter drone in various fields?
Real Estate Photography, Police Application, Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping, Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping (Plane Crash ,Tsunami &Tidal Surge, Volcanic Ash Cloud Agriculture Plant Growth, Climate Monitoring Forestry Management & Research Invasive Species Identification Analysis Salt Water Infiltration Detection Volcano, Monitoring Forest Fire Operations Support Perimeter Surveillance Anti-Piracy Operations are some of the areas where we can see the benefits of this device.

Earlier it is used to be said that we can’t be in two different places at the same time, but science has proved it wrong with its micro drones or helicopter drone. Now we can have a view of another place by simply using these devices.

Armed quadcopter consists of a micro controller with the digital camera which helps to record video and take pictures for you. It may perform flip and also another stunt while recording 100% vibration free HD footage, amongst GoPro 3 Black 1080p at 60fps.With this configuration, it makes easy to capture any picture at any condition and make us sure that we can capture images without any difficulty. We can view any hill and any place which may far away from our limit, but not far away from this device
Types of quadcopter
* Short Armed Quad Copter
* Long armed Quad Copter
There are lots of companies which provide these types of quadcopters, and you can get these devices by simply visiting online portals, and they provide these devices with free shipping service at your door steps.