If you are like many musicians, you are too busy to worry about decorating your Facebook profile page. Because you are responsible for promoting your music, your time will have to be divided between online music marketing, radio spots, shopping for a recording contract, and playing at various gigs and events to generate more fan support. Facebook is another way for you to be seen online. Since you are promoting music, you do not have to do too much to make your page a popular one.

Simple organization

When fans visit your page, they want to read your profile, listen to your music, and view photos or video if you have them. Organizing your page, so each category is easy to find, and use is a big help for fans and record labels who don’t have much time to view pages. Create bold titles that are simple to understand. Create a profile that matches your personality, but don’t try too hard, as you may lose people before they even listen to your music.

Important information

Always include the URL of your website if you have one and any additional information like third-party distribution sites you are using to sell CDs and other merchandise. Also, include an upcoming gigs section and list gigs in order of appearance. Make it is easier for people to make crucial plans to see your perform.

Uploading songs

The songs you post on MySpace are the most important part of your page. While you can only upload four songs, this is usually enough to get people hooked on your sound. Choose songs that represent the best of what you have to offer. You can change these whenever you like, but give people enough time to listen to them.

Photos and Video

This is pretty easy to do, and you should have enough photos from past gigs and rehearsals that you can use. Update photos and video often and let others know when you do so by posting an alert on your page. Fans enjoy seeing photos and video.

Background designs, fonts, and other decorative touches

While you can take your profile page to the next level by adding a background, changing the font, or rearranging categories, it is not always necessary. Gauge how well received your page is and make changes when you have the time or if you feel it will attract new people to the site.

The best way to generate interest in your MySpace page is to take advantage of the marketing tools that are offered. Creating a blog, posting comments on forums, and visiting another music site will all cause your page to be noticed.

Make sure you add your MySpace URL to printed marketing materials and on your website. This will help generate more traffic.

MySpace can help you reach more people and help promote your sound. While anything you do on MySpace will help increase your exposure, spend the time where you think it is appropriate. If fans want to see new photos each week, so fans will be able to see you live and appreciate your sound on another level.