Type of insurance you should have

The team insurance is used to refer to the guarantee a person has for safety of for protection. Insurance can at time be viewed as a contract that a person makes with an insurance company that would absorb risks that are involved for owning an asset. Such asset may include a car or a house. There are a number of insurance that would be helpful when one encounters misfortunes. Discoursed below are some basic insurance or green slips that one would need to perchance as part of their solid financial planning in case they what to protect themselves.

Long term disability insurance

The long term disability insurance which is at time referred to as the health and disability insurance is the most important type of insurance that everyone should have. Regardless of whether one gets it through his/her employer, through unions or through a state equivalent, having a quality health insurance will ensure that one is in position to visit a doctor when he/she is sick. A quality disability-insurance would ensure that one gets a quick and a routine checkup. This type of insurance would also enable one to purchase prescription medicine with much ease and would also be able to seek medical care in case one has an unexpected illness. A person’s health is the most crucial asset. Therefore, heath insurance would ensure that one is able to preserve his or her own health.

Life insurance

Just like health insurance, Life insurance is equally very important. Majority of the people that have life insurance get it through their employer. This type of insurance is specifically designed to protect those people that are dependent on you. Such people would include parents, children as well as a spouse. In case of your death, money that was raised on life insurance may as well be used to cover for the funeral cost. Other than covering the funeral cost, this money might as well provide revenue for your loved ones until they are able to get back on their feet. Other than the employer, life insurance may as well be provided by either the property or the automobile insurer.

Homeowner’s insurance

Regardless of whether one owns his/her own home or whether one is renting, it is important for everyone to have some form of property insurance. Homeowner’s insurance, which may at times be referred to as renter’s insurance is important as it protects ones belonging in the event of burglary, fire, natural or manmade disaster. For a person that owns a home, this type of insurance would serve an even greater purpose as it protects the investment and property against even greater threats.

Automobile insurance

For those people who own automobiles, they should have the minimum required automobile insurance for their state. Ideally people would have more automobile insurance since there are certain states that would permit one to carry sufficient coverage that would insure against the damages of another automobile. In other states, an owner of an automobile may as well be required to carry coverage that would insure against death or injury of a person should the owner of the automobile be at fault in an accident.