The current bear market has many stock traders sitting on the sidelines due to the difficult conditions. But rather than not trading, is there another way to gain experience and improve trading skills at the current time? The Forex market offers the trader an opportunity to practice the skills that are part of trading any market, risk management and mind management and doesn’t have many of the difficulties of trading the stock market at present.The Forex market became one of the best home business opportunities and is accessible to everyone. This huge market goes on 24/5. Why wouldn’t you take a bit for yourself? That is just one reason. If you have the right character and can easily develop a proper attitude towards Forex Technical Analysis, then keep reading.

A high level of self-discipline is required so trading for some time with a Forex demo account can be a useful tool for personal development. There are four major currency pairs and if you’re just starting it may be better if you trade with only two or three pairs. You can also concentrate on just one pair which leaves you time for market analysis.

The Forex market does not have these difficulties. As currencies are traded in pairs, they can be traded long or short and there are no restrictions. Currencies tend to trend well. Trading currencies does not incur commissions as the cost of buying and selling is factored into the spread between the buy and sell price. It is possible to trade ‘micro’ lots now in Forex, meaning that it is possible to start trading with less than $100. Another advantage of trading Forex over stocks is that Forex is traded around the clock. When the stock market is closed in the evening, currencies are still traded around the globe. This means that traders can trade when it is convenient to them, instead of trying to trade during the day or at work.Whichever trading style you prefer, you can use it because the Forex market gives you plenty of opportunities. Transactions over the Forex market go on with minimal amount of additional costs thanks to lack of centralized trading points other than data servers.

Moreover an average class PC and good Internet connection are enough to start your Forex experience. And having an online trading platform that brings additional charts and reports for free is a perfect place to start with, like MetaTrader. This platform allows you to see charts, news, events, use indicators, and many other features.There are many more features that make Forex easily accessible and highly controlled trading environment.Even if traders do not make a lot of money trading Forex, perhaps the most important advantage is that they are building up valuable trading skills. Trading in any market requires skills in risk management and mind management. Trading is a skill that is improved through practice. Forex offers the chance to practice by being able to use trading strategies that will present frequent trading opportunities. Traders that continue building up trading skills during the stock bear market will be prepared once the market starts to offer trading opportunities again. Forex offer the opportunity to keep trading and focus on improving trading skills.